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NAS Invest grows AUM to 100 million Euro

NAS Invest grows AUMto over EUR 100 million; eyes quarter billion EUR portfolio in 2016
-Company offers real estate investments for high net worth individuals
-Residential property portfolio in the Berlin and north-eastern Germany conurbations
-Portfolio set to during second half of 2016

Berlin, 8June 2016.NAS Invest, the Berlin-based real estate investor and asset manager, increased its property assets under management (AUM) to more thanEUR 100 million during the first quarter 2016. Of these, about EUR 80 million are invested in stock and about EUR 20 million in developments.The portfolio consists mainly ofresidential properties in Berlin or north-eastern Germany. In line with its focus onits core markets, NAS Invest also sold real estate properties worth about EUR 10 million that are located outside of the target region.

As it continues to build and expand its residential property portfolio, the company looks to acquire stock with repositioning potential. Developments of portfolio properties are also part of the value proposition.
The company does not engage in greenfield developmentsany longer.

All projects are funded with private money from high net worth individuals and family offices; NAS Invest also co-invests in each of the individual transactions. “NAS Invest originates from a family office background. This gives us deep insight into the requirements of this investor group and enables us to design our solutions accordingly,” says Nikolai Dëus-von Homeyer, managing director of NAS Invest. “The development over the past almost two years shows that we are on the right track; we reached our target of EUR 100 million assets under management much more quickly than we had anticipated.”

In a next step, NAS Invest plans to grow assets under management in 2016 to EUR 250million, both organically and via co-operations with partners or acquisitions.

Dëus-von Homeyer’s forecasts for his business remain positive: “Structuring intelligent real estate investments for high net worth individuals remains our core business as a result of the non-abating
demand.” The company will thus continue to follow its goal of establishing it as Germany’s market leader for semi-institutional capital.

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About NAS Invest
NAS Invest manages property investments worth more than 100 Million Euro with a focus on residential properties in conurbations across north-eastern Germany and multi-tenant officeproperties in German metropolitan areas. The company builds on its real estate teams’ long-term investment experience, which dates back to the early 1970s.