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EIN Presswire – The BlueRock Fund Cell H

Investment in the Residential Real Estate market in Berlin through a fully regulated AIFMD fund.
HONG KONG, January 21, 2016 / — Considering the current volatility, as well as low interest situation in the market, the recently launched Bluerock Fund Cell H, offers an attractive alternative for your bankable assets investment portfolio.

The BlueRock Fund Cell H focuses on specific investment opportunities in the Berlin residential property market in Germany. Due to its stable and rapidly expanding, economic environment, Berlin is currently a very lucrative real estate market to invest in.

Key Facts:

– Direct and bankable investment (ring fenced cell structure)
– Purchase of Multi-Family Property in Berlin
– Notarial splitting into single units
– Upgrade/Renovations of general areas wherever necessary
– Sale of each apartment


In Cell H we will run two cycles, so the profits of the first cycle will be reinvested. The investment term is 5 years.

We intend to distribute 5% p.a. for years 1-4. These profits are generated by rental income before selling the apartments as well as from the sale of units.

In year 5 we anticipate to return your investment and in addition pay out a profit of 72%, which brings your Cash on Cash Return to 18% p.a. on average.

Your investment will be divided into a portfolio of various buildings which are carefully selected by our experts together with our local partners. They will conduct a thorough due diligence of the business case as well as all legal, technical and tax issues.

On the picture above is an example of the first building, which we are currently in the process of purchasing.

– Location: Berlin Tiergarten (close to the zoo, main shopping streets, embassies, government institutions, Hotel Sheraton Esplanade, parks & rivers)
– Purchase price gross: 6Mio € (2685€/m2)
– Deal Price net: 7.74 Mio € (3465€/m2)
This includes purchasing costs, such as legal fees, notary, broker, renovations etc.
– Sales Price: 9.85 Mio € (4411€/m2)
– Cash on Cash Return: 26% (2 year investment term)
This property is in very good condition and the refurbishments are mainly of cosmetic nature. We therefore see this property as an excellent start to be the first building in Cell H.

ISIN Details:

ISIN: GI000A14Z9B7

We are now in an on-going process of buying buildings and more opportunities will come for regular Fund Investors as well as Co-Investors.

As of to date, the fund has carried out 8 successful investments in office buildings at a cost of over 270 million Euros and has succeeded in yielding double-digit earnings for its investors.