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BlueRock buys Techem’s headquarters in Eschborn

BlueRock Fund – Buys Eschborner Techem headquarters
The Techem headquarters in Eschborn near Frankfurt has a new owner. BlueRock Fund acquired the building with 20,000 square meters of office space for its funds Cell E. Seller is an international real estate funds.

The closed-end property funds Cell E of BlueRock Fund invests in the Techem – office building on the main road 89-91 in Eschborn Gewerbegebiet West. The seller is, according to official press releases, an international real estate funds, reportedly is behind a bank.

A German bank had financed the deal with 35 million euros , reports BlueRock. This reflects a Loan to Value ( LTV ) again by more than 70%. Corpus Sireo Asset Management Commercial was acting on behalf of the seller , Ashurst has legally advised him. BlueRock was represented by Diligencia Real Estate, JLL and the lawyers of Heussen advised.

2002 Techem from Niederrad drawn into the new building in Eschborn . At that time, the investor Calliston had the seven-story office building, which consists of three bars and a crossbar on a 10,670 sqm plot developed. According to him, the object volume was 65 million euros. The plans to this figure Düsseldorf architects Hentrich, Petschnigg and Partner (HPP).

Techem occupied the entire building. The lease runs until 2024. According to BlueRock The manager praised especially the location of the object: an S-Bahn connection virtually on the doorstep, close to the motorway and the airport

Thomas Daily News – BlueRock buys Techem’s headquarters in Eschborn
The Luxembourg Real Estate Investor BluesRock Fund has acquired the Techem’s headquarters in Eschborn for one of its funds. Seller of almost 20,000 m² office complex is an international real estate fund, which was represented in the transaction by Corpus Sireo. BlueRock was advised on the sale of the business law firm Heussen and represented by Diligencia Real Estate. JLL has brokered the sale Ashurst LLP took legal advice. Techem was drawn in 2002 by Frankfurt-Niederrad to neighboring Eschborn in the developed Calliston office building. At that time, the investment volume for the new building with around was. EUR 65 million estimated.