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More office jobs in some B markets than in large cities

The number of office employees in the German “B” markets will rise to become, in parts, just as strong or even stronger than in some of the top-7 markets in the next five years. This was found in a study by the consulting firm Wüest & Partner on behalf of TLG. The strongest growth in office-worker numbers analyzed in 27 B markets is expected to occur in the cities of Ulm (5.6%), Leipzig and Braunschweig (5.5% each) and Heidelberg (5.2%). In comparison, the prognosis for Munich is also at 5.6%, with less growth seen in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Düsseldorf (5% each), and Frankfurt (4.5%). Of all German cities, Berlin leads with 5.9% growth. The annual expected need for additional space in the B markets was also examined. Here, the front runners are Leipzig (31,000 sqm), Dresden (28,000 sqm), Bremen (26,000 sqm) and Karlsruhe (21,000 sqm).

source: TD News International from 9/15/17