Multi-Tenant Office Buildings and Health Centers

Top 6 reasons to invest in German real estate

  • Germany is the strongest European economy and the world’s 4th largest
  • The Mittelstand represents the backbone of high employment rates and the good business
  • 60% of the German GDP is generated by companies of the Mittelstand
  • German Real Estate is undervalued in international context according to data provided by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • Real Estate values should appreciate further as demand for office space constantly exceeds the limited supply
  • Brexit will lead to an even higher importance of the German real estate market as it replaced the UK as the largest EU property market

10 reasons why to invest in german real estate through BR-NAS

  • Solid investment with a regular income
  • Carefully selected real estate investments based on a well-analysed in depth due diligence
  • Quarterly / Bi-annually dividend payments on commercial properties
  • Detailed and transparent quarterly reporting (link to report example)
  • Easy-made subscription via your Bank (ISIN) & Bloomberg listing
  • Acquisition of stable and fundamentally sound, cash flow generating office buildings, health centres and medical specialist centres – with a diversified tenant mix/structure – in sought-after, inner-city locations in the top real estate markets (A/B-Locations) in Germany at an attractive basis.
  • Employment of a long-term, active management strategy focused mainly on value preservation and optimization until market conditions and/or the asset’s situation (e.g. lease expirations, improvement of the micro/macro market situation) allow for the enhancement of the assets through employing accurate capital expenditure measurements (R&M, CapEx).
  • Enhancement of the asset‘s life cycle at the appropriate time, to improve the property in a way that creates additional value (e.g. through securing the right to optimize lease space during the hold period, re-gearing of expiring leases, and/or converting under rented space to a more profitable use), and to secure long-term lease agreements with tenants of specific profession.
  • Divestment of the stabilized, improved assets via a portfolio sale, initial public offering, or initiation of a special fund vehicle.
  • This enables us to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns in a niche that tends to be too large for private buyers and too small for institutional investors.…