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The value of the invested capital and the revenues resulting therefrom are subject to fluctuations and may be lost or cease entirely. Positive performance in the past is thus no guarantee of positive performance in the future. In particular, preservation of the invested capital cannot be guaranteed; there is thus no warranty that the value of the employed capital will correspond to the original capital on divestment. Investments in foreign currencies are exposed to the additional risk of exchange-rate fluctuations and currency risks, i.e. the development of the value of such investments also depends on the volatility of the foreign currency, which may bear negatively on the value of the invested capital.


All tax treatment in connection with the content of this website or relevant investments is subject to case-by-case review and is therefore essentially dependent on the personal situation of each visitor to the site or of each potential investor, and is subject to change. Visitors and/or investors are solely responsible in these respects and should seek advice from a qualified expert prior to taking an investment decision.

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