Guiding Principles

Values – Strong Guiding Principles in Real Estate

These values are our guiding principles for successful property investments:


Long-term thinking is an integral part of BR-NAS

Our pursuit of creating sustainable value is driven by a deep motive of financial enhancement, we, however, also follow social motives, namely to provide a long-lasting and sustainable impact in our investments. If we want to benefit from our real estates in the future, we must carefully manage, maintain and (re)develop the property.

Our actions are built on a foundation of many years of experience in investment management. A thorough knowledge of real estate joint ventures and asset management enables us to optimize returns across the risk spectrum.


Open communication is the essential element for working with our stakeholders

Real estate markets are rarely transparent and thus demand a high level of transparency from sponsors and principles. We encourage a culture of open communication with all our stakeholders – customers, employees, co-investors, suppliers as well as public authorities and trade bodies. Not only does this improve the quality of our decision-making, it also makes our investments more reliable, effective and valuable.


Excellence in real estate demands responsibility

We always act with utmost integrity and follow a holistic and consistent approach to our values, principles and actions. We thereby align our interests with those of our stakeholders and meet their expectations with sustainable outcomes. Responsibility is the key to superior leadership in finding and realising excellent investment opportunities.