Corporate Profile

25 Real Estate Professionals
51 Assets
387.000 m2
ca. over 1000 tenants
€ 850 million AUM*
  • Joint Venture with hand selected real estate investment opportunities
  • First-hand access to exclusive and off-market property deals
  •  Excellent reputation for a quick and reliable execution of deals
  •  Experienced specialists involved in every step of the deal
  • Optimized finance and tax structure for an enhanced return
  • Pro-active asset management creates outperformance

“BR-NAS German Mittelstand provides a highly-diversified cash flow from
a large variety of tenants across German industries and cities. It thus minimizes risk amid politically and financially unstable times while delivering historically high excess returns.”

Nikolai Dëus-von Homeyer, Managing Partner of NAS Invest

“German Real Estate represents a safe haven not only for domestic capital but also to international investors. BR-NAS German Mittelstand not only yields attractive ongoing cash-on-cash returns but also provides large value appreciation potential through active asset management.”

Ronny Pifko, Founder & Director of Bluerock